Do You Have The Winter Blahs Have Cabin Fever How About Getting Ready For Spring

Buy the time that you are finished with these hints you will be ready to enjoy Spring, have your patio in tip-top condition and be the envy of all of your neighbors.As you will see when you go through the list most of these things involve painting or general clean up and 3 or 4 of these can be accomplished at one time in only a few hours :.Paint the lawn furniture and fix the broken parts
Paint the wheelbarrow, lawnmower and handles on the garden tools
Give the garden tools a good coating of WD-40, this cleans them up and makes it easier for the dirt to fall right off
Paint all of the lawn ornaments, flower urns etc.
Get the camping gear ready, check the tent, fill everything that are dry goods, restock
Clean out dresser drawers
Get rid of all of the winter clothes that are too small
Clean the sump pump?get ready for the April and May showers
Give a few rooms a fresh coat of paint
Clean out the medicine cabinet in the bathroom and restock
Get the bikes all cleaned up, get new chains, security liocks, check the tires etc.
Clean the drapes and curtains, windows, sills etc. check windows for leaks
Clean all of the carpeting, spray and dsinfect
Put the cars in the driveway and clean up the garage
Clean out the linen closet, get rid of old towels or cut up for rags
Clean out old sheets, comforters etc.

Get all of the fishing gear ready, put new line on, check the tackle box
Clean out all of the drains in the house
Dust and wax all of the ceiling fans
Go thru catalog's and get an idea of what everyone in the home needs for summer clothes etc.
Pick out flowers for in the garden or flower box for on the patio from seed catalogs
Clean out the freezer and rearrange
Have the kids sort their toys.keep, throw out, give away, rummage sale
Check the hot water heater, drain and refill
Get new filters for the furnace, air conditioner, humidifier and dehumidifier
Put new batteries in the smoke and carbon dioxide detectors.There are so many things to do in the spring that you don't know where to start, get a jump on spring and be good to yourself so that you can REALLY enjoy the nice weather.

This will take care of all of those pesky little things that have to be done to make your home and yard look beautiful and well taken care of. We have a tendency in this hurry up world of ours to forget certain things so our home maintenance becomes a never ending cycle and another stressful point in our lives. Hang thing list in your garage or basement and refer to it every year to be organized, eliminate stress and have your home under control.


Jan Hayner is a Professional Organizer that wants to help you take the stress out of life which is at my website at

By: Jan Hayner

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