A Basic Outline To Cope With Stress

Your ears might have heard countless number of times "do this? and get away from stress," or, "do that?, and you will be totally relieved of stress,"turning you even more stressed out!!

?Stop scratching your head over what to be or what not to be done. I have compiled a definite set of action plan to cope with stress in life. I have tried it in the past and it really helped. In fact, I have used them time and again.

This might help you as well, simply read on.

1. Beware of your own warning signs. For, this could just be a sudden feeling of anxiety.


Consider what is really causing stress to you? You may be surprised to find the fact.

3. Think over what you could do to change the things. Find out how much of stress is indeed caused by you?

4. At times, due to excessive stress we fall into vicious trap of not eating properly and go to ill practices such as smoking and drinking to further worsen the situation.

Instead, you should try and eat a balanced diet.

5. Eat complex carbohydrates rather than refined ones. This will really help you cope with mood swings.

6. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and keep sugar and salt intake low.

7. Drink plenty of water, it will rehydrate your body. Try to keep caffeine consumption to the minimum.

8. Avoid nicotine or any other self prescribed drug.

9. Don't feel guilty about including a period of relaxation every day. We all need to turn off from time to time.


Do something that is creative and helps you relax. Say, listen music, do yoga, meditate, enjoy aromatherapy or any other stress busting exercise.


Learn to be more assertive and try to manage your time properly.

12. You can even consider attending a stress management training course.


Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

These are certain steps that can truly help you cope with stress. It will work wonders for you.

The choice is yours, if you wanna live with stress or acquire any of these good points to mar the stress out of your life.

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