Abatement Failure Can Mean EcoFood Chain Disaster

So often we see that we have a nuisance of some type, which displeases us in our surroundings and we use abatement procedures to get rid of the species of plant or insect, which invades our domains. Unfortunately sometimes we do something that is linear in thinking and sure it gets rid of one problem or pest from our perception, but in doing so upsets the eco-system and food chain allowing another species to completely take over and wipe out a niche.Once this happens then it is a slippery slope down hill as we watch the food chain dissolve and fall apart. This causes insects and animals to change their diets to maintain themselves, then they get sick and have issues or starve because something else ate their favorite food supply which they had evolved and adapted to over thousands if not millions of years you see?.

This is not to say we should not try to abate Mosquitoes, which carry diseases and are disease vectors for some of mankind's worst biological threats; we definitely should. However, how we go about it is equally important because if we are not careful whatever we might use could cause a problem for another animal or insect in the food chain or it might poison the food of an animal or insect causing them to also end up a mass casualty of our abatement efforts.It therefore obviously behooves us to be quite careful and consider the over all issues before going hog wild on things we wish to abate? Consider this in 2006.

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