Are You Getting Cheated Try This Quiz - So you think that your partner might be cheating you? Why do you think that? Why not try this small quiz and find out the truth? A quiz is always very helpful in finding the truth.

Are You Looking To Find The Ideal Dating Service - Spring is exactly the right time to think about dating again.

Creation Account of Genesis How Would Its Original Audience Hear It - Basic interpretation principles.

Nature Wallpapers Best Stress Busters - All city dwellers miss the enchanting nature.

What Exactly Does It Mean To Trust - In the English language we have but one word for trust, which is "trust" and it leaves alot to be desired.

Central Florida Fires Setting State Up For Massive Hurricane Flooding - The unfortunate grass fires in Central Florida are setting the State of Florida up for some pretty rough times in the future as the 2006 Atlantic Tropical Hurricane Season.

Bernanke Expresses Regret over Comments - In late April, Fed Reserve Chairman Ben Beranake made a comment that caused a drop in stock prices.

The Universal Law Behind the Golden Rule - Copyright 2006 Tony Mase.

Defusing Roman Myths Was Mary A Perpetual Virgin - According to the theology of Rome, Mary remained childless all the days of her life.

I Will Keep Silent - "Therefore I will not keep silent; I will speak out in the anguish of my spirit, I will complain in the bitterness of my soul" (Job 7:11).

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Safe Shopping

Almost everywhere we shop-from the toy store at the mall to an online linen warehouse-we are asked to provide personal information. Some stores ask for a zip code or phone number at the checkout. Online sites may demand more,

Folks in the country sometimes have more keys than fingers, so this Ekcessories key fob makes a great stocking stuffer. Dividable sections help keep keys separated for ease of use. PRICE: $6; AVAILABLE AT
Do you love the convenience of online shopping but worry about who might be grabbing your credit card information? The truth is, using your credit card anywhere puts you at risk. Anyone who handles your credit information is a potential thief. But the Internet somehow instills greater fear. As we'll see,
Do you derive pleasure from pressing innumerable buttons on your touch-tone keypad just to get an answer to a simple question? How about logging on to a Web site and clicking aimlessly around, deluged with pop-up ads, to learn more about your long-distance account? Do you get a real kick out of being a target of cross-promotion?
Shopping Online Safely, There can be real advantages to shopping online: Prices are sometimes cheaper and product selection greater; it's often easier to find information about a particular product; parking isn't an issue; and the Internet is open 24 hours a day. But online shopping also has inherent risks and disadvantages,