Chair Yoga Case Study Increased Energy Levels

After teaching chair yoga for several years Liz Franklin can testify that it appropriate for almost anyone, even if they are feeling the effects of aging or have physical limitations. It is not for hard-bodied 20-somethings that can twist themselves into poses that look impossible ? the only prerequisite is that you can sit in a chair, including a wheelchair.What better way to illustrate how chair yoga has benefited those unable to attend a traditional yoga class than to tell it in their own words?.

Hi! I'm Marga Harris.

I am 63 years young. I retired from teaching music after 30 years. I live in Kansas City, MO.

I started taking classes with Liz in September of 2004. My doctor, Jane Murray gave me a brochure. There was an excellent description of the program in the brochure, so I decided to give it a try.

I thought that stretching and a less strenuous form of exercise would be good for me. I have Post Polio Syndrome and many exercise programs just don't work for me. I use crutches to walk.

Although I am fairly mobile, a slower paced class is just right for me.I keep coming back because of the teacher and the other students in the class. They are a fun group.

Also, I enjoy the benefits of increased flexibility and strength. My breathing has improved dramatically. I am more comfortable in my own body, especially in terms of stretching, reaching and balance. I feel that the class has helped open the energy channels in my body.

If I had just one piece of advice to give someone who is thinking about joining a chair yoga class it would be "Just do it!" You'll never know what the multiple benefits will be until you do it. It is a warm and inviting environment to be in. Everybody's level of ability is honored. You are not pushed to move beyond your personal comfort level at any time.

This is an activity that gives you energy rather than sucking energy from your body and mind. This is an excellent program for people with disabilities. It would be encouraged by any knowledgeable physical therapist.


Mark Franklin enjoys telling people about Liz Franklin's Yoga In Chairs(r) because he knows it is helping people live healthier, happier, and longer lives. If you want to find out about her special style of chair yoga, visit

By: Mark Franklin

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