Complaining About Fuel Prices as History Repeats Lance Rants

In 2000 and 2001, which really in the timeline of our civilization is more like yesterday fuel prices were a disaster in CA, we had a mandatory diesel engine emissions statue for vehicles over 14,500 GVW. And EPA causing underground tanks to be dug up everywhere. In fact in 2001 I wrote this after visiting one of our company outlets in Oregon;."We have huge fuel taxes, which OR has now decided to induce as well. Any truck with no OR plates will be charged extra tax for fuel. Trying to keep road tax money due to a recent law passing to keep registration fees low.

Consumers believed they would save money by low registration, now it is simply added to diesel fuel, which affects everything you buy and leads us into recession. This is a big tax on all diesel sales of trucks. WA same thing. Some of the highest prices are now in the west. Even ID, AZ and NV are raising prices but keeping them just under WA, OR and CA.

Many truck stops in NV, and AZ even though just over the CA border are keeping inline with just under a nickel per gallon less. Big saving for trucks with 200 gallons of fuel capacity. So now the truck stops in NV, AZ are crowded. And the ones in NM, TX, KS, OK insane where fuel prices are a good 10 to 20 cents per each gallon cheaper than out West. Truck stops in San Bernardino, LAs main distribution hub are busy, but are not selling much fuel.

In NV and AZ where fuel does not get taxed as much and wholesale prices are lower but prices only 5 cents less.".Well here we are in 2006 and I just fueled up in California on my way Eastward last week, luckily too, as in ten days diesel fuel prices have raised over $.

24 per gallon on their way to $.30 higher and up over $3.00 per gallon in CA first sign of that first Hurricane of the 2006 Atlantic Tropical Hurricane Season or god forbid our future strike on Iran, which could actually send things well over $4.00 per gallon for both diesel and gasoline. Ouch? Is this just history repeating, as in 2001 we complained at $1.

35 per gallon on its way to $1.55 and now look at. I hope everyone knows what to expect, as the commodity analysts are already talking of $85.00 per barrel prices and some at $90.

00 and indeed we could see this in summer of 2006, so consider all this.

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