A healthy relationship is one that effectively supports the couple in achieving their goals together. If this is not working out, it does not necessarily mean that the couple requires therapy.All relationships run into rough spots, as in the case of celebrity or interracial couples, who have their unique set of problems.

A couple can often resolve their difficulties without professional help, but if that fails, it is advisable to undertake couple counseling.To sustain a relationship through rough weather, a couple needs to keep their communication channels open at all times. This is a requisite to resolve problems or differences. The most common complaint couples share is that they do not get to spend enough time together. With busy schedules, raising children, and work pressure, it is no wonder that couples are increasingly finding it harder to share quality time.

Sadly, if they cannot find a way to prioritize their schedules and carve out time to be together, without any interruptions, the meaning of their relationship can get lost.Quality time is undivided attention focused on your partner. It does not have to be restricted to the bedroom, and it does not imply a long, soul-searching conversation either. The objective should be to connect. To achieve this, a couple should allocate at least one day each fortnight to spend uninterrupted hours together.

That means find a babysitter for the children, unplug the telephone, turn off the television, and resist logging in to check the odd e-mail. Instead, linger in bed a little longer, cook breakfast for each other, or indulge in a romantic picnic or wine luncheon. Or, go hiking and eat dinner by the campfire. For some couples, this may be hard to pull off. But, in the end a relationship is worth the time a couple invests in it.


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By: Ross Bainbridge

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