Current Affairs and News Your Real Instructor in the Probe of Self Truth

The media, with its mushrooming news channels and minute by minute reporting has not only made the world a global village but is also fast on the move to unify public and private lives of people. The surprising fact is that even the alert and razor sharp media could do little to sober the world any better. The world with its idiosyncrasies and novelties is all set to provide grist to the Fourth Estate's mill. But each item of news unfailingly brings with it a lesson in Higher Thinking and Better Living for us. The readers of the news have to just be as attentive as the feeders of the news.

The burning issue is terrorism that has gripped the world like never before. The vulnerability and uncertainty of live stands so glaring that we doubt if we shall return home to eat dinner. No country from America to Australia has been spared by this menace.

The credit of this frenzy largely goes to Osama Bin Laden, the man with ₤ 13 million bounties on his head. Our memory is not so short lived to forget the recent bomb blasts in London, Bali or the killings in the Egyptian resort. The channels keep airing the tapes of Al Qaida carrying communalized and instigating messages. But one question that comes up is, are Osama Bin Laden or Saddam Hussein the only culprits? One Osama cannot perpetrate such cruelty or killings. He is doing exactly what he believes is right.

The depressing fact is that there are lakhs of others who are thinking like him.This is "Collective Consciousness" of the planet. It is plainly conclusive that there are more people thinking like him than people thinking about peace. One Osama could have blown himself only once but we have recurring blasts. It's a simple question of the choice we make and the power of collective choice and consciousness. This is not all, the oppression meted out to women in Taliban and the archaic and unjust rules made for them and endorsed by Al-Qaida are still fresh.

But the very recent and provocative photographs of Wafah Dufour, niece of Osama Bin Laden, splashed across newspapers poses another question on our rationality.Wafah Dufour, a wannabe pop star, has adopted her mother's maiden name after September 11 attack by Bin Laden. It is an irony that when Osama's family rejects his fundamentalist views and he has failed to control them why he should be controlling others' families.

Has our thinking corroded so much that we let some zealot direct our lives? It is an insult to the Divine who gave us the free will to generate our own sublime thoughts and create a beautiful life full of abundance and affluence and help make this planet a heaven for the man kind . But who in can help those who think Osama has the most celestial thoughts.Let the collective consciousness prevail and preserve the mother earth and protect the environment and make the mother earth a heaven for the man kind.Let the media rise up and give news and current affairs without scandalizing it and motivate people and remove the worst enemy that is fear.

Media can act more as a guide, information centre than hyping and scandalising. Media should also air and write on ways to enhance peace and UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD as the man's duty towards GOD. Every body in the WORLD must use THE MIND BODY AND SOUL as we all intelligent children of God and pray every day for few minutes and request GOD to keep peace in the universe. It is our birth right to pray to our UNIVERSAL FATHER.Then the natural disasters have also developed a special affinity towards us with the killer Kathrina in America and the life shattering earthquake of 26th Oct 05' in India and Pakistan.

Terming these calamities as "natural" is again our way to guise our guilt and run from responsibility. To an extent they are the result of our choice to meddle with the environment seamlessly. But it's exactly a year and three days since the devastating tsunami struck the shores of Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India. The newspapers are full of stories about the mental state of people and the physical state of their property. Their material and emotional loss is not easy to overcome.

But the fact is that certain events are not in our hands but our reaction towards them is. Neale Donald Walsch says it profoundly "The world's natural calamities are not created by you specifically, what is created by you is the degree to which these events touch your life." Statements like "I cannot say if my loss is bigger than the gain" by a tsunami survivor after a year reaffirms our faith in the power of our mind. The alacrity with which the reconstruction of modernized schools and houses has taken place in the villages of Akkaraipettai, Kichhankuppam, Samanthampettai in Tamil Nadu in India, are a living example of our ability to create our own lives.

These newly constructed villages from debris are a tribute to the goodness of infinite human spirit and a reason to believe that "God does not close a door without opening a window".Another very recent news read "Scientist faked stem cell research". The news was about a South Korean scientist Hwang Woo-suk, who resigned from a university after the university found that he had fabricated results in stem cell research that has raised hopes of new cures for hard-to-treat disease. We need not judge Hwang's ability as a researcher. He might actually have breakthroughs in the future.

But his temporal presence demanded temporary and fake glory while his soul like everyone else's desired pure happiness. But his mind sided with the body and duped the soul. If Hwang was to talk to you, he would tell you how acrid and painful it gets when the mind loses its way.

There was another feature lately on a man of pure physics, on whom the People's magazine conferred the honour of "Man of the Century". He is the great Einstein. The man who believed in the strength of his thoughts so strongly that he booked the Nobel Prize money as alimony to his wife even before receiving the award. He was a pacifist who invented the atom bomb. And when he shared the power of his breakthrough with an America politician, little did he know that his invention would be used for apocalyptic purposes in the Second World War.

Einstein rued his disclosure of the atom bomb to the politician, because his invention was not meant for such horrifying intentions. This is another example of how different people use their minds differently.We could also not have turned oblivious to the story of sadism that took place in the prison of Abu Gharaib in Iraq. The insufferable torture by men on men is the coup de grace in the compilation of inhumanity. The perpetrators belonged to country that talks about human rights. It is bad that such acts are committed by people who are taught to think and be responsible for law and order.

It merely shows the hedonism of the mind.These news or headlines are not fictional. They are about ordinary and real people and real incidents. How a man's choice not only affects his own life but he being a part of the collective consciousness, affects the planet as a whole.

We have a soul that experiences itself through the body according to the wishes of the mind i.e. thoughts. Events keep occurring and people keep coming in our lives.

It is our choice of reaction to these events and people that determine WHO WE ARE.Osamas will continue to misguide you and tsunamis will come to shatter you but your choice of thoughts and actions towards Osama and tsunami will either take you up to God space or pull you down to base. Let your mind unite your body and soul because Self Realization is the purpose of your creation.

BY Mind Body Soul.



By: Prince Chugh

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