Dating Mistakes Guys Make Avoid Them Find The Women Of Your Dreams

So you are dating, looking for that special girl? Well there are some basic errors you will have to avoid. Guys make these mistakes all the time, and lose the girls they might have had, dont make them and get the girl of your dreams.?You are not an expert (if you are reading this), so seek help.Talk to other guys, get their point of view. Speak to lady friends if you have any.

Don't be afraid to show that you are not a Don Juan. If you are having trouble, help is surely there. Ask for it!.?Learn to "read the signs".Most guys don't understand body language, or really, a woman's signals.

Don't make this error. There are many books, and articles such as this, that can show you what a woman is saying without words.?Don't be a passive male.This is one of the worst errors you can make while dating. You're a guy, be a guy, and stay on top of the situation. If you are passive, you turn off the lady faster than you might even believe.

This doesn't mean being a macho. It means, being yourself, and active, thinking, even sensitive, man.?Not enough good looks? Not enough money?.This is basic error number 1.

Obviously there are lots of ladies who are interested only in money or muscle, but do you really want a woman like that? You should know that most marriages and relationships based on material or physical issues only end as fast as they begin. If you are attracted to a particular lady and you sense she is after only money, stay away. If you think she is attracted only to muscle, she is a bimbo. Really stay away.

You are who you are, if that is not good enough, then the lady in question does not matter at all.?Not understanding the chemistry of love.Ladies may be attracted to your DNA combination with theirs (as a potential mate). Their brain can interpret the smell from vast distances. This is a little understood part of the human condition, but you can be sure that all women have built in instincts, concerning their 'nesting' partner. This is worth real study if you are serious about dating.

?Moving too fast.Take it easy!! What are you doing proposing for marriage after your first date? What a turn-off. Just relax. The moment will arrive later for you to express your feelings.

Women will think you are a simpleton or worse by declarations of love after too short of time.?Santa Claus Syndrome.Gifts all the time, may seem correct to you, but too many and too soon is also a turn-off. It will show to the lady you are trying to buy her.

A bought woman is called?.what's that word again?.?Mr. Nice Guy.Wow!! Now here is a classic error.

Its true she is looking for Mr. Right, or Mr. Whatever, but Mr. Nice Guy ends up her buddy.

You want a friend or a girlfriend. Decide. You must be polite (at all times), and you must be correct in your speech and actions, but not to extremes. Like the ancient Greeks used to say, "pan metron ariston" , "put a measure to all things", and that means also in your overall attitude to your relations with the lady.Don't also be afraid to fail.

Win some loose some is a great motto to adopt when dating. Should you follow the advice above, you will need to know all about getting intimate with your partner.


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By: Sacha Tarkovsky

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