Dating Online How To Find Out If A Site Is Worth Your Time

Looking for the right dating site? Browse dating sites, and you will not fail to notice just how enticing they can be. How do you find out what really lies behind that enticing, graphics-laden home-page? How can you tell that the site is a good fit for you?.Most dating sites do offer a trial membership, which allows you to assess the quality of their service.

In fact, you should be wary about joining a dating service without a free trial. But wait. There are a few other things to consider.

Knowing that most people online have become addicted to "quick fixes", most dating sites offer what's known as a tour, which is not a real trial. What's the difference?.A tour is just that, a tour. You browse pictures of happy couples tied in loving embraces- you can almost feel chemistry flowing between. As intended you will likely get the unrealistic impression that those couple(s) found their love and happiness through that website.

A tour is quick and easy to take but also misleading. It is a waste of time, as it does not allow you to actually experience the features and benefits of site.In contrast, a true free trial involves some degree of sign up.

You may be required to answer questions and/or post a profile. A willingness to fully answer questions indicates commitment on your part and goes to show that you're not just another joker with too much time in his/her hands.Also, a true trial allows you enjoy most of the site's features without paying, for a period of time. But note that the trial is geared towards getting you to become a paid member (which is fair and reasonable) therefore you'll get a teaser here and there regarding features only available to paid members.

Well, stick with the free trial till it's over.There are, basically, two types of free trial memberships. One is unlimited (to an extent) in features but limited in period.

The other is limited in features but unlimited in period. Some sites offer something across the two, giving or taking features and/or trial period. Which is better?.It is best to go with the first type; unlimited in features but limited in period. Why?.

Because this allows you to get a true "feel" of the site by letting you enjoy most of the benefits of a paid membership, without making a commitment. It's the best way to learn what makes the site tick (or not).Before signing up for a free trial, bear in mind that it will only be available for a limited time, therefore be prepared.

Have your photo ready to submit along with your profile. Once you've hit the "Submit" or similar button the clock starts ticking.You should take full advantage of the free trial while it lasts. If you're new to online dating, this is a great way to gain some experience and get over your fears and/or any prejudices.Start initiating as many contacts as possible, right away. Send as many emails as you can.

Answer to all emails except, of course, those with inappropriate massages.While on the free trial keep in mind that your purpose is to find out whether the site is a good fit for your particular needs.Browse as many profiles as you can. Check whether the site has large numbers of the kind of people you seek, in order to open up your choices.

You should also be able to search prospects by specifics such as age, gender, and even hair color and education level if these are important to you, as well as geographical location.Take note of the types of questions asked. They should include types whose answers would interest you. Also, be aware that if a site allows you to skip or skimp details, chances are that a large number of people are doing just that and important details missed.Other features to look for are private chat rooms, so you may talk with prospects and a private email address specifically for dating messages- most top rated dating sites offer this to protect your privacy. Some reputable sites have a feature that allows you to block emails from persons whom you don't want to contact you.

When the trial period ends, assess whether it's a good fit to your personality and needs. Be prepared to ready to sign up for full membership or opt out. If you opt out? well, at least you did not waste your time, and you have gained some experience for free.Now, don't play shy. Sign up for a free trial with a dating site or two that interest you and have a great time meeting new people.

Your perfect match may be waiting right now to spark a little romance into your life!.

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By: David Kamau

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