Groceries for English speakers with a taste for the West - Online Shopping

Groceries for English speakers with a taste for the West - Online ShoppingFOR ENGLISH SPEAKERS DESIRING Western grocery products, there have traditionally been few speedy and reasonably priced shopping options in Japan. TheFlyingPig.Com works closely with Costco Wholesale Japan to offer English language access to a wide range of groceries and general merchandise. "We don't print catalogs, we don't rent space and we don't hire people. That's why our prices are so unbeatable, all without sacrificing service or speed," says Brendon Hanna, president of the Web retailer. "It's generally cheaper to buy from TheFlyingPig.Com, including the shipping, than to shop at a bricks and mortar store."

The company has been doubling its performance every month since the Web site was launched last October. Many customers are already familiar with the range of products at Costco Wholesale, and when they see that it's more economical to order from TheFlyingPig.Com than it is to make a trip to Costco, the decision is an easy one.

The Web site's shopping cart gives you the total cost of your order, including tax and shipping, whenever you put something in or take something out, explains Hanna. "And it lets you see exactly how full your boxes are so that you can maximize shipping cost performance."

New products are being made available every week, and speed is a major attraction. "We ship the day after confirming payment, so the longest anyone normally has to wait for delivery from the time they pay is about 72 hours," says Hanna.

Next on the agenda for TheFlyingPig.Com is expanding its supplier base beyond Costco Wholesale. "There are a lot of things that people want that Costco doesn't stock. We have some very creative ideas on how to get high quality products to consumers in Japan at surprisingly low prices," says Hanna.
Safe Shopping

Almost everywhere we shop-from the toy store at the mall to an online linen warehouse-we are asked to provide personal information. Some stores ask for a zip code or phone number at the checkout. Online sites may demand more,

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