Having Trouble Coming Up With Great Hen Party Ideas

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to plan a great hen night and then running into mental blocks when trying to come up with some fantastic hen party ideas. These ideas are few and far between and you need to really let your imagination go when trying to find the very best hen party ideas of all. Start thinking outside of the box and get really creative. Plan a night that is wild and crazy and that no one will ever forget. That is the key to a great hen party! But where do you start?.

With the food of course! If you are planning to have your hen night in, then you need to come up with some great hen party ideas that center around food. The fact of the matter is that no party is a good party without some mouth watering delicacies to munch on. You need to be able to feast all of your senses at a hen party, that is what makes them so fun!.The best food hen party ideas are ones that include getting all of your favorite foods. Get the kinds of foods that you generally have to do without. If you and your girls are on diets and are always sacrificing to stay in shape, let go for this one night, that is one of the best hen party ideas that there is.

Buy cheesecake and whipping cream and chocolate sauce, some of your favorite kinds of ice cream and doughnuts and anything else that you can think of that you will all enjoy. Stuff yourselves, it is just one night!.Once you have the food (and booze) related hen party ideas down pat it is time to move onto the entertainment portion of the evening. Are you going to have a male dancer or stripper come in? For some a hen party is just not a hen party without a stripper. It is amusing and of course hot to see these men gyrating around the room.

Have a blast and go all out! You can see strippers without having to have them come to your home as well. Another great hen party idea is to go to the strip club, that is a little different and you and your friends may feel less awkward about that.If these kinds of hen party ideas are not up your alley then consider going out on the town for a night. Go to a local club or to a fun restaurant that you all enjoy. Just kick back and let loose for one night. Do whatever you have the whim to do, get sloshed or stay sober, whatever floats your boat! That is what great hen party ideas are all about, just having F-U-N.

If all of your friends leave the party and they are laughing and have had a good time then you have succeeded. All of your hen party ideas were perfect and you will all have stories to tell until the day you leave this earth.

.Martin Lucchi is a Web Developer for Eclipse Leisure, a British company that organizes hen weekends, stag nights, Corporate Events and Team Building Activities for the UK and Europe.

By: Martin Lucchi

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