How Can You Mend a Broken Heart

Having a broken heart is nothing to laugh about. If your heart has been broken in the past (whose heart hasn't, really?) or is broken now, you know exactly what I mean. Besides the depression, all sorts of negative feelings pile up on an already stressed body and not only feel like dying but you might also develop a serious illness that may indeed kill you.At this point, you are so unfocused on the positive and so focused on the negative that it is a wonder you can function at all. You go against the Law of Attraction that states that you get what you focus upon.

That means that instead of being relieved from your pain, you are getting even more of it.Never you worry, though. The Universe is very forgiving and always says YES to you. So, no sooner you shift your focus, your reality will shift as well, from the negative, to the positive.There are 3 steps to take when you break your heart.

.1. Grieve.Grieving immediately after your loss is the best way to go. Don't put off this important step.

The longer you take to do it, the longer it will take you to heal. Dive head on.Go deep into your wound. Cry, scream, punch your pillow, kick rocks, go to your underworld if you must (just like Orpheus). Face the darkness. Do what you need to do without pretenses.

You must be true to your hurt, to your feelings. Your acceptance that you are hurt is your biggest step for your true healing. You will come back from it a much stronger person and ready for the second step..

2. Plan.To mend a broken heart you need to go on a journey, your healing journey. And as with any journey, you need to plan.

You don't go on a trip without knowing what is going to happen beforehand, would you? Even if you are following other people's plan, you want to know what is happening. This is planning.When it is time for the healing journey, many people hop on an unplanned trip, because they don't know better and they make many mistakes along the way. Don't fall in that trap.

Plan and date what you need to do to mend your broken heart..3.

Take action.After you plan, the next logical step is to take action. Here are some steps that you may take to make sure the path you chose is the best for you. Here are some suggestions:.

1. Accept responsibility for your healing.2. Take time for yourself.

3. When you are inspired, take action.4. Remember that "Today is a gift; that is why they call it the present".5. Forgive each and everyone, past and present.

6. Understand the Law of Attraction.7. Release negative people from your life.

8. Dive into your spiritual work.9.

Do your affirmations and visualizations.10. Be grateful. Appreciate. Bless.11.

Expect miracles.So here you are. You may have a broken heart now, but remember that this too shall pass. And when it passes, you will be so much stronger you will appreciate the journey you went to.

And you will bless it.

. Maria Moratto 2006
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By: Maria Moratto

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