Hurricanes and Positive Attitude

With all the devastation and destruction during the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season on our TV sets it is hard to maintain a positive attitude when you know that Americans just like you have lost everything along the Gulf Coast of the United States of America. Of course that was not us that lost everything but they are people just like us and we have empathy for them and we feel their pain.Many of us have supported them with donations to help them get on with their life, although it is hard to fathom such a situation happening to you. If you live in a hurricane prone region each year you know that it is possible that a large category hurricane may strike near you and flood you out or the wind might blow your roof off and destroy your home. You must maintain a positive attitude and hope for the best, while preparing for the worst.A positive attitude can help you get through adversities of life and a positive attitude can help you achieve your goals.

How do you get a positive attitude in life? Well, it is much like considering that the glass is half full and trying to maintain an optimistic approach in your observations, experiences and endeavors. During this 2006 Atlantic tropical hurricane season I hope you will maintain a positive attitude and support your fellow Americans and pray for their welfare. Consider all this 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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