Inside the Red Hat Society

The Red Hat Society is one of the most unique clubs or organizations to form in recent years. The Red Hat Society is built around very simple principles with very simple goals. The objectives are far from elaborate and the membership rules are quite simple.

Formed back in 1998 the Red Hat Society was built with the intent to create a sense of fraternity amongst older women. It is not and has never been a mission to raise money or save the world. It is not about social action. It is a club for women but it is not a sorority in any of the typical senses.

The idea of the Red Hat Society is merely to bring together women from middle age and beyond in a purely social way; though there is nothing mere about that.The phenomenon of this club has spread throughout the world and now boasts thousands of chapters and a million members. Each chapter's goal is to encourage social interaction without frowning upon silliness or creativity. This means that their get togethers can involve pretty much anything though throwing a tea party here and there tends to be the favored activity.People in the Red Hat Society come from all different backgrounds.

They don't discriminate on who joins but once you're in the red hat is a standard. But they don't just wear any red hat. The Red Hat Society prefers lavish hats and often other lush accessories to go with them. You have to be a full member, which pretty much means over fifty years old, to wear the red hat but once you do you know you belong.Like all clubs there are naturally conventions that take place.

The Red Hat Society has regional meetings several times a year.

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To learn more about the Red Hat Society, please visit: Red Hat Society.

By: Van Whitsett

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