Learn The Kissing Signs On A Date

Learn The Kissing Signs On A Date

First dates are always loaded with pressure. It is with no small wonder having the first kiss can be as over whelming. Gabby Love at offer key signs to identify the signs that he or she is ready to take the relationship to the next level.

The sign the woman is interested in a kiss are as follows:

A. She is facing you with her arms down and body is relaxed.

She tilts her head upward toward you.
C. She appears not to be in a hurry to end the date.
D. She has her mouth parted.

She is gazing into your eyes.

The sign that she is not interested in a kiss are as follows:

1. Her jaws are clamped shut.

2. She is messing around with her keys.
3. She won't look you in the eyes.

She shakes your hand and says "Good Night."
5. Her chin looks like it is glued to her chest.

The signs that he is interested are as follows:
A. He has positioned himself between the woman and the door.
B. He appears to be acting nervous.

He doesn't appear to be interested in leaving.
D. He has his head tilted upward.
E. He continually licks his lips.

The signs that he isn't interested are as follows:
1. He walks the woman straight to the car or door without hesitation.
2. He keeps his hands in his pockets.

3. He continually looks at his feet.

He avoids eye cont at all times.

Gabby love feel that by observing the above signs will assist one in not having an embarrassing situation while on a date. Just relax and pay attention at all times.

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