Marketing Al Queda What Kind of Lies Do International Terrorist Recruiters Use

It is rather obvious from the public made intelligence reports that International Terrorists recruiters tell all sorts of lies to get people to sign up to go and kill themselves in the name of the Jihad or Holy War for Allah. Apparently this Allah fellow approves of this bizarre behavior of killing innocent people and sacrificing self in the name of a religious doctrine.I suppose when we investigate the down-syndrome kid who blew up a bus in Israel that they did not have to tell very many lies and it probably was not so difficult to get that young boy to go and blow himself up, yet one has to wonder what kind of BS these Jihadists tell as they lie to those they sign up?.We must study how Al Queda is so successful marketing their international Terrorist Organization to those they recruit. You see if we can interrupt their marketing and recruiting departments then no on eels will sign up and the methodology of using terrorism and international terrorists acts to fight their enemy will cease and they will go bankrupt and fail to achieve their objectives and go out of Business.Al Queda Incorporated can be defeated and we only have to research how they market their exploits to defeat them.

As we study how one larger company over comes the marketing efforts of a smaller company; we see exactly what we need to do. And it is good to see that these same techniques in business are being used to slow down and stop Al Queda. Consider this in 2006.

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