Media Lies Embellishment and the Attacks on Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld Lance Rants

You know I have heard just about enough of the attacks being made on Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and the demand by the liberal political power base for his resignation is completely absurd. Worse is the stench of comments from the Prozac, Alcoholic and maniac depressant liberal reports in the media.Why do I say this? Well it was not long ago they were giving away military secrets of our invasion of Afghanistan. But I know as well as you that the media embellishes stories, adlibs and makes the rest up anyway.

Here is an excerpt of a couple of my award winning articles from 1993 and 2001;."Storm Watch 92, reporters waiting for a storm that only had a small drizzle, the guy was wearing a plastic jacket and as soon as the drizzle started he said well it is now starting the biggest storm of the year he said. This led other stations to say a huge storm was coming and caused the people of Malibu CA to show up in mass and start sand bagging and then the population had a run on the grocery stores.

Such BS. Then we all remember OJ, Condit, Lady Di, etc. Way over doing everything, always blowing things out of proportion. I am appalled by this and need some answers to why the media feels it is okay for them to act like traitors, condemn our brilliant leadership and suggest that we give them more rope after they have already proved the cannot be trusted by or citizens or men and women in uniform.Why not report the Talabans longitude and latitude? What is a matter they will not tell you? So in essence you are telling our leadership to tell you and assuming that the Talaban leadership is smarter than ours and that ours is stupid enough to give you the information.

I think if the media really had balls, that they would be on the ground with the Northern Alliance carrying AKs with bayonets and riding horses down dirt roads to the nearest satellite briefcase phone. Having a nice cushy job as a Washington reporter may be the pinnacle of your little sorry ass careers, but all I see is a room full of traitors scrambling to be the first to scoop the story and give information to the competitors. Does the name Benedict ring a bell?".You see it is simply absurd to give any credibility to the new media reporters when they call for the ouster or resignation of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. In fact I do not believe you can believe a darn word these folks say anyway.

So consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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