Memorable Wedding Proposals Creating that Loving Feeling

It's time: you're going to pop the question. A wedding proposal should be one of the most memorable events in both of your lives, and getting it right is a great start to your lives as a married couple. Think about your partner as you plan your wedding proposal - don't worry about what you've seen on TV, or what others have done before you.

it's a personal experience and you can custom-tailor specifically for the two of you.What Not to Do.Before we get to the good stuff, here are a few "misadventures" to avoid when proposing marriage:.

  • Do not trivialize the proposal. You're asking someone if they want to spend the rest of your lives together, not what they want to eat for dinner.
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  • A marriage proposal is meant to be a special and memorable occasion for you as a couple, so don't allow relatives or friends to invite themselves along when you know you're going to pop the question.
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  • Don't propose at someone else's special occasion, like a wedding, baby shower, etc.

    First of all, it's not polite to detract from someone else's special day. And secondly, it's best to make a special day for just the two of you.

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  • Don't put your partner on the spot, such as proposing in public in a situation where they feel forced to say yes (then privately say no).
.Timing & Location.

Many people have remarked that their marriage proposal was less romantic than they had hoped. Of course, the proposal makes up just a small part of your relationship, but it's still nice to be look back upon it with fond memories.Talk to friends and family members of your future spouse to get additional ideas what your partner considers romantic. You will have some ideas as well, but it's nice to have more feedback from people who also know your partner well.Ask for help in the romance department by calling establishments in the area and asking for their assistance. Often times they'll be willing to assist you in creating the right mood for that special moment.

For instance, if you're think about proposing in the Rocky Mountains, call a local tram operator and ask for their suggestion. They may be willing to help you arrange for a special floral arrangement to greet your partner when you reach the top. or create other ways of setting the mood. We even heard of a gent who asked the tram operator if he'd be willing to stage a false-malfunction and stop the tram at midpoint in order for the couple to have the perfect opportunity!.

But remember, romance has no rules and can't be planned or predicted. If the emotions are right and the setting is perfect, popping the question right then and there may make for an excellent opportunity. For example, one couple was enjoying a coastal hike on Vancouver Island when they inadvertently got soaked from an incoming rain storm. The rain was dripping from the forest canopy, the wildness sounds were soft and the emotional timeliness was perfect. Even though a ring wasn't available at that moment, the question was popped and the couple announced their engagement.

Costs.You can spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on setting the most romantic of moods, but the setting depends on what you and your spouse consider romantic. Romance isn't about the amount of money you spend, its about connecting emotionally with another person and making each other feel special.

Your partner's idea of "romance" may mean secluding yourselves in a private little cottage by the sea, just the two of you alone with nature. Or maybe your partner loves big sweeping gestures, like a romantic helicopter tour to the top of a mountain. Whatever the case may be, tailor it to your partner's tastes.Budget appropriately for your wedding proposal. but remember that you'll also need to budget for the wedding!.


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By: Greg Lynch

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