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Eight years ago this month I suffered the loss of a younger brother. This being the first time that I lost a sibling and the fact that he was the youngest made this time especially tough. To watch his children view him at an age where they didn't even understand the concept of death was enough to tear your heart out.

Needless to say the family was a wreck emotionally, spiritually and mentally. I knew that it was time to seek answers. There had to be someone able to help the family through this time of emotional unrest.Having always been a spiritual individual I had a few friends who knew what I was going through and knew where I could get the help I was looking for.

This help came form a wonderful woman named Sher. She has since retired but I'll never forget her. Sher was a medium. She was able to communicate with beings that have passed on. She was able to do this quite easily and with amazing accuracy.

As with any first time meeting of this nature there is a degree of skepticism. I had certain questions ready for her to make sure she could communicate the truth. Well within five minutes I had to let down all of my guards because she was everything she claimed to be and more.She proceeded to tell me how my brother had passed and the mass trauma he sustained.

This wasn't public knowledge. His accident was so severe she said that once he separated he never looked back. He knew what he had done and it was time to go.

Now at this first meeting she was unable to reach him because his passing was so traumatic to him that he was unable to communicate. She was communicating with his guardian angles if you will, his spirit guides. They were working with him to transition him over to the spirit world.

I left that day with mixed feelings. I had come to establish contact with Eric and left with a better understanding of myself. You see once we established that she was for real, but had limited communication with Eric at this time, Sher proceeded to tell me about me. Well this is a bit unnerving. Having never been with a medium, I quickly realized that the spirits she was communicating with were able to tell her anything and everything about me.

You can imagine what thoughts were going through my head at that time. She not only could communicate with the other side, she would drop her glasses down every so often and gaze at me. She was looking at my aura.She was very careful not to make me feel uncomfortable about anything, and I suppose by her seeing my aura she could tell if she needed to change the direction of where we were heading. Every so often she would gaze at me and smile, an all knowing smile as if to say time to change direction.

From a spiritual viewpoint truth is truth and you can't hide it.I learned a great deal for that meeting and from other sessions with Sher. I took my mother there about 1 month later and she was able to communicate with Eric very clearly. From that time forward I knew that I needed to be open to finding the answers from within me. Although Sher was this wonderful gifted person who could comfort you during these tough times, she would also show you that you need to grow. You need to look inside for the answers.

Everyone has the capabilities to grow and evolve spiritually. Once you are on this path you will experience life differently. You won't be looking for others to make your life better; you will understand that it is up to you. You decide weather to be happy or not. You decide weather you are going to have loving relationships or not.

Once you understand how to harness this life changing manifestation, you will experience life as being full and abundant in every way. Your life and everything about you will grow and evolve. You will begin to influence others to grow with you. You will be living with a peaceful understanding, an inner peace and your life will begin to flourish.


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By: Gilbert Murray

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