Removing the Mystery of Sending Flowers

Ordering flowers has long been surrounded with uncertainty, mystery and even fear. Will my flower delivery be fresh? How do I choose the right bouquet? Is a floral arrangement even appropriate? Here's everything you need to know to remove the mystery from flower delivery.Why Hesitate to Buy Flowers? It's inconceivable that anyone would hesitate to buy flowers when nearly everyone can remember the last time they received flowers, even if it was thirty years ago.

Flowers make that powerful of an impression. Flowers are living. They fill the senses, with color, scent and emotion. They change the atmosphere of a room and are noticed every time you walk by.Can Flowers Make the Wrong Impression? While some gifts can be inappropriate or mis-interpreted for their intension, flowers are more versatile.

You can give flowers to your sweetheart, wife, sister, mother, grandmother, boyfriend, neighbor, employee, boss and even someone you wish was your sweetheart with no regrets. You can always give a gift of flowers to show appreciation, friendship or simply neighborliness.Where we live, in Moscow, Russia, flowers are a solid tradition to bring when invited for dinner, and even though they're so commonplace, they never fail to wow the one receiving them. Flowers open the heart, melt the ice and make an unmistakable statement of affection and appreciation.Flowers never arouse jealousy because they're a gift that is absolutely pure. I remember when my brother brought flowers to my fiance the first time he met her.

I thought it was incredibly kind. The flowers melted her heart, and I was absolutely impressed by his class and sensitivity. What a great first impression!.Of course it must be said that flowers make a wonderful apology.

Leaders of the world would do well to send flowers to their adversaries. World peace would reign.Flowers Aren't Only For Women Is there a masculine floral arrangement? I think all flowers can be masculine. Yes, you can send a guy roses. He won't wonder what's up.

He'll simply receive your affection and love you forever. If you have a problem with sending a guy flowers, there are plenty of alternatives. All florists have great green plants, small trees, flowering plants and bonsais. How about blue roses for something wild? Any one of them will be received with gratitude.What's the Occasion? That's a question you love to hear! Why? Because you can answer, "Oh, no reason!" That says volumes.

Of course don't miss the holidays such as Valentine's Day, birthdays, anniversaries and Mother's Day. You need to order several floral arrangements on Mother's Day for all the mothers in your life.Don't forget those people you know who might be overlooked. Draw them into your world with flowers. However, flowers can make an even greater impact of love and affection when there is absolutely no occasion attached. Order flowers just because.

What's The Appeal? Flowers feed the creative soul in the giver and receiver. Both sending and receiving flowers is living art. Flowers are an expression of the heart of the giver that transcends words. that's why we give flowers, because the colors, shapes and living motion say things which words or even a note card could never say. You can send a card, but it's likely only read once or twice. Yet, flowers exclaim their messages for days.

Every glance sends another nuance of love, appreciation and affection that can be expressed in no other way.What's the Problem with Ordering Flowers? Perhaps this is where the fear of ordering flowers lies. Guys, especially, think they need some special skill or knowledge to properly order flowers because it's a creative thing. Not so. You can get expert help from a florist to choose an arrangement that's perfect. Today, there is no reason you can't order on-line and select exactly what you want and have it sent overnight or if you've procrastinated, same-day.

On-line ordering takes only a few moments and is incredibly secure and easy.What kinds of Flowers to Order? That's easy. Variety.

I've heard it said, "Don't order roses on Valentine's Day." Why? Because it's what's anticipated. Flowers should be a pleasant surprise, so mix it up and order what's in season. Try different colors of roses, such as yellow, pink, salmon or even mixed.

Try different arrangements of seasonal flowers and discover the magic of variety and surprise.In the west, you can pretty much order any number of flowers?a dozen, eighteen, twenty-four or even three roses. Keep in mind that in the east, such as Russia and former Soviet states, you don't want to order an even number. Order only odd numbers of flowers, as even numbers are for funerals.How to Handle Flowers If you're buying a bouquet from your local florist, plan to get your flowers to water fairly quickly. Often, the florist can put the stems in a little tube of water to buy you some time.

If you're not going far, an easy tip is simply to hold the flowers with blossoms down allowing gravity to do it's job for the fifteen or twenty minutes it takes to get them to a vase of water.Order Only Quality Fresh Flowers Don't order artificial flowers. It was in style once, and it will hopefully never happen again. Whenever possible order direct from the grower because you insure the freshest possible flowers with minimal handling and damage.

Flowers can be delivered from the grower very inexpensively.Take a Minute to Get Prepared When ordering on-line, have the address and phone number handy of the one to whom you're sending a floral arrangement as well as a short message that you'll include. Also have your credit card nearby with the billing address. Order a day or two ahead of when you'd like your flowers delivered. For a Friday delivery, order on Thursday.

Building a Relationship Builds Confidence When you order from the same growers each time, you learn their offerings and routine. You come to trust them and know what you'll get with no surprises. Visit our page, Colors of TheRomanticWay for flower bouquet ideas for any occasion.Send Flowers Today Why not begin a tradition which you'll never regret? Order flowers for someone now and see how it feels.

.Rod Froseth is a freelance writer, photographer and webmaster of, inspiration for a romantic way of life. Visit TheRomanticWay to subscribe to Rod's free ezine, "Along TheRomanticWay", here http://www.theromanticway.


By: Rod Froseth

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