StressManagement Breakthorugh Tip Part For a Busy Person You

Almost every day we hear of a new form of "rage" . Road rage led the way in the media and many of us have fallen victim to it. It's one of society's latest ways of venting their frustrations. It's a stress reaction which when recognized can be controlled and converted into a response.The reason we all need to take this control so seriously is because of the victim- villain theory.

It has shown that victims of child abuse in time become themselves child abusers.Authorities working on the current batch of road rage villains to educate them out of their anti-social behavior need to spend more time working with the victims. They are too often overlooked in road rage incidents.

They have their broken bones mended and their wounds dressed but there' s no treatment for their mental and emotional wounds.You may have been a victim of road rage and if so you need Stress-Management Breakthorugh Tip - Part 2. Only in this way will you avoid crossing over from being a victim to being a road rage villain. The tip is to make sure you do nothing to offend your fellow road users.

Do not cut them off in traffic. Do not make threatening gestures.You can make these quality choices and help break the cycle of road rage violence.And whatever happens in that busy shopping mall carpark make a decision to never ever try and pinch someone's space. Tell yourself -out loud - that there's plenty more available.

Drive a mile if you have to. And be happy about doing it.Stress-Management Breakthorugh Tip - Part 2 can be used in all stress situations - even when cars aren't involved.

The key is to decided every day you are going to do your best to not offend your fellow citizens with wrong words or wrong actions. It's that simple. Make a choice . And then voice the choice.You can congratulate yourself on making a positive contribution to the development of world peace.

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By: Kenneth Little

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