The Act of Being Physical

SEX should be a comfort system that you share willingly and often with your partner, not a reward or commodity for you to barter with. Let me repeat that: SEX should be a comfort system that you share willingly and often with your partner.Sex is not evil. Do you understand that fact? It is the most interpersonal experience that you will ever share with the special one you love so very much.You know for yourself what is right or wrong. Sex, in it's proper time and place, has always been meant to be a positive, good and exciting experience! That's right.

Sex really is good.I don't write about techniques and methods. I figure that there is already way too much literature on that time-worn subject. I only wish to convey to you that there are special and precious feelings and excitement to be realized through proper and sincere sexual activity.You can be assured, as well, that my approach can be trusted, in that I do not believe in the coarse or crude when it comes to sex.

I firmly believe that the sexual experience from foreplay through intercourse to afterglow is, in it's entirety, a beautiful, fulfilling and satisfying event. That's what it is meant to be. "Poetry" in motion.All good things come with patience, and with consistent sincere effort. This is all the more important when it comes to getting to "know" your partner well, that one true and only partner in your life.It is up to you to come to know the talents and nuances that they hold deep inside their being.

Once you start to know them, your true relationship begins.You feel the gentle thoughts of their mind permeating, enveloping your brain with an ethereal sense of well-being.You smell the thickness of the sweet scent of the heat of their flesh as they ponder their need to be near you.You ache just to touch and be touched by their endearing words of private intimacies they share freely with you.Your soul is consumed in the fires of desire just to be possessed in the embrace of their heart.

You hear their whispers from the depths of their desires, softly speaking in your soul on sleepless nights.Your hands ache with delicious sharpness for the aromatic succulence of the caress of their soft breath across your anxious flesh.The cells of your brain gather in the essence of their presence, the fantasy of their reality, to be secured safely away in the once empty tomb of your beating heart.

Your partner is everything to you. They are all. They will always be, if you but care for them properly and well.

.Bob Curtis has a bachelor's degree in Psychology, and has been writing about the elements of relationships for a number of years.

He is the manager of the Essential Sunshine Association, a new website for positive relationship development at

By: Robert Curtis

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Safe Shopping

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