The FASTEST Way to Succeed Online

When it comes to making money online with your own business, there is no shortage of opinions as to the best way to proceed.Most of these opinions can be found in the endless parade of ebooks one can download. Some of these books are free, and some cost quite a bit of money.

But they all seem to say the same thing."Create a mini-site"."Write a book".

"Become a super affiliate"."Put up AdSense sites".The REAL question is this . what is right for you?.The fact is, doing the things listed above is much HARDER than the 'how to' books make it sound.

I mean, do you really want to learn HTML just to make a living online? I know I don't!.So, what IS the fastest way to succeed online?.The answer is beautiful in its simplicity, and oh so easy to accomplish.The answer to succeeding online quickly is .GET SOMEONE ELSE TO DO THE HARD WORK!.

After all, if the Internet is new and different and exciting, shouldn't doing business on the Internet be new and different and exciting?.You bet it should!.My friend, I'm here to tell you from first hand experience that there is a way to succeed quickly online, and skip the painful (and sometimes expensive) learning curve.You can let OTHERS do the hard work for you, while you simply promote and earn.You might be saying right now "Sure, Heather, that sounds good, but HOW can I do it?".That is a great question, and one I'm going to answer right now, without asking you to buy a thing!.

Here are the five things to look for when choosing a hands-free online business.1. A Website That Makes The Sale.The first thing you must find is a business where the website is professionally designed.

All online businesses revolve around the idea of someone visiting a site, and then taking action.If the site you are promoting fails to cause people to take action, all of your efforts are wasted.Rule #1 - Find a site that closes the sale for you.2. A Product That People Want.What do people want online? While there are billions of web pages and hundreds of millions of web surfers, the answer to what *most* of them want is surprisingly simple.

They want to make money or save time. Preferably both!.Make sure the business you choose meets those two aching needs. If the business you choose meets both needs, so much the better!.

Rule #2 - Find a business that meets a need.3. A Sense Of Excitement.

The Internet IS different. It's exciting and personal and immediate and so much more.But most online businesses are about as exciting as getting your teeth cleaned!.Be sure and choose a business that excites you, and will excite the people who visit the site you are promoting.

After all, life is too short to be in a dull or boring business!.Rule #3 - Have some fun while you are succeeding.4. Follow Up Systems That Sells.

Did you notice that I said "systems"? That word is the key to focus upon. In the old days of doing business online, promoting a site that used an autoresponder was enough.Not today.

Today you need a site that is exciting, makes the sale, and will follow up FOR YOU with both phone and email.After all, not everyone responds by email, right? So why choose a site that limits your success by failing to use the power of human voice?.Rule #4 - Choose a business that follows up for you.5. A Business That Will Last.Any business you choose must be one that will last.

After all, you are investing your emotional energy in the success of the business and deserve a long term return on that investment.The Internet is a collection of over half a billion people, most wanting the same thing. And the best part is that the Internet grows every day!.What that means to me - and to you - is that businesses which meet people's needs will pass the test of time.Help people make money or save time (or both) and you will have a rock solid business for many years to come.

Rule #5 - A business that stands the test of time.If you find a business that meets all five of the above requirements for success, let me encourage you to take a long and hard look at that business. Ask questions. Get their email information.

Visit the site again.When you find a business that meets all five of the rules above, you will have found a business that is worthy of your time and attention, and one that can help you achieve every goal you have for succeeding online.***** ****** ***** ****** ***** ****** *****
Ready to succeed online . and do it *quickly*? There is really only ONE business that offers it all. This business is helping people like you succeed beyond their wildest dreams right now, and YOU can be next. Get all the facts you need at this free site.

Heather found her perfect business. Now it's your turn!


Heather Van Swearingen is a mother of two children. Heather has started several home based business but found only one that works whether one is at home or away. Her income has sky rocketed since she has been involved in this system.

By: Heather Van Swearingen

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