The Key to Meeting a Good Man is Repetition

It's critical that in your efforts to meet a man?a man who's worthy of you and makes you happy?that you employ repetition.Repetition is key whether you're learning to speak a new language, or to use new equipment at the gym. In your effort to meet a new man, you'll also need to do certain things over and over to succeed.I've written quite a bit about the benefit of showing up where the men are when you're ready to spark a new relationship. You get out of your comfort zone and find a bar (or a class, a bookstore café, or a coffeehouse) that tends to attract lots of men.

You go, and you go again. You don't show up just once and expect the man of your dreams to drop into your lap. The first time you go, you might meet somebody. Or maybe you won't. Perhaps nobody will even look twice at you, in which case you go again the following week. You keep going.

As long as you like the place, and you've started to feel comfortable there, you make it your business to get there once a week. You become a familiar face.Repetition also helps you to foster self-love, which is critical when you want to meet a man who'll make you happy. If you don't love yourself, nobody else will. If you don't love yourself, whatever men you do manage to attract will treat you poorly.Bank on it.

You employ repetition in this case by using an affirmation: "I love myself, I approve of myself, and I am good enough." Write it 10-15 times a day. Repeat it out loud in the shower.

After you brush your teeth, look yourself in the eye and say it. Keep this up for 30 days.Repetition is your ally, so put it to work for you. Love yourself and consistently put yourself in situations where you're bound to meet men. You'll soon attract a man who's truly worthy of you? a man who'll treat you with the love, respect, and kindness you truly deserve.

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By: Terry Hernon MacDonald

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