The Power of Choice

When faced with big life decisions, it is so easy to embrace ambiguity and wait for guidance. The ever-so-tempting "if it's meant to be, it'll happen" attitude is certainly easily embraced. It is comforting to think that we can just float along in the river of life, and the current will certainly take us where it's best for us to go.Unfortunately, sometimes the current takes us to a little stagnant pool of water where we then sit, undecided about which current to pick for the next leg of our journey! We look at the river rushing by, and there seem to be so many different options. And so we sit a little longer in our pool. After a while we may even move in a television, put up some window treatments and get really, really comfortable.

The longer we stay, the harder it is to make a choice, a decision that will move us forward. After all, shouldn't a stray current simply come in and whisk us away, if it's "meant to be?".The Universe always moves according to our intentions. Unless we intend it, no current will come sweeping into our lives to take us down some predetermined path. We must make choices and decisions about what we want so that the Universe can manifest for us accordingly. What keeps us stuck in stagnation is fear.

We are afraid of making the "wrong" choice, a "bad" decision. What if the current sweeps us downstream and we are suddenly battered against rocks, or have to navigate a waterfall?.When faced with such a fear, it is important to remember that the process of making choices and decisions is ongoing. Our current life circumstances are a snapshot of what we created with our choices - conscious or unconscious - in the past. If we don't like where our path has taken us, we can simply make a brand-new set of choices.

We set our intentions once again, perhaps into a slightly different direction. Along the way, we've learned a lot.Course correction is a constant part of navigating the river of life.

We always have the option to choose something else, to ride along a different current. What truly disempowers us, however, is making no choices at all. There is no growth or evolution that takes place in our comfortable, but stagnant little pool. So make a choice, any choice at all. Jump into the river!.


Andrea Hess is an Intuitive Consultant who works with spiritual seekers on discovering their soul's path and purpose for this lifetime. Visit her website at http://www.andreahess.

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By: Andrea Hess

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