The Unique Invitation Of Money

I never cease to be amazed by the amount of suffering that takes place around money. I don't use the word suffering lightly. We tend to associate suffering with illness, the cruelty of war and deprivation, yet in reality millions of us are experiencing relentless fear around not having enough money.

I'm talking about the feeling of being under constant threat, accompanied by the belief that 'I can't survive'. This dark undercurrent of fear is really just suffering dressed in different clothes. Over the years it convinces us that we are not good enough and that the life we really desire is nothing more than a pipe dream.Many of us seem to have what it takes to be successful ? are even labelled as successful. We've got the house, the car ? even the right credentials.

But under the surface we're being crushed by debts and the seemingly never-ending costs of just maintaining our day-to-day existence. Again as time goes on and the fear keeps eating away at our core we begin to feel increasingly powerless to change.Yet even in the midst of this feeling it's apparent that we're not really being stopped by anything outside. Something deep within us is always pulling us away from the abundance that we deserve. Although it's easy to blame 'things' and 'circumstances', we instinctively know that something closer to home is the real culprit.

Of course money is only one particular thing that helps us remain afraid, but for here let it be our focus. We are always desperately seeking ways out of fear through growth or escapism. We read books that explain 'how' to make money. It sounds relatively easy when it's sitting on the page, and yet when we look a little further into the proposed systems we know instinctively that this is not who we are ? not what we want to spend our valuable life doing.After the initial glint of hope, we fall back into old, familiar patterns.

Basically we've become convinced that we're not powerful enough to overrule ourselves and get on with the business of shaping a more joyful, abundant and adventurous life. We often find skilful ways to sabotage our success, pulling back just before the deal is struck or saying the wrong thing just as we're about to be offered the important job. The feeling of not being good enough has become so deep-rooted in our society; it's how advertising agencies sell us things we don't need.

We're searching for some form of release - for love - in things that can't love us back. In the end it's this never-ending search that wears us down. And if the truth were told, most of the systems that we find ourselves in are designed to keep us searching in the wrong places. I believe that we can begin to shift when we are thoroughly exhausted with the pointless search.

Most of the drama in our lives revolves around what hasn't happened for us. Money is a fantastic example of this. The contract you didn't get, the promotion that was handed to someone less deserving: the cheque that will never arrive: the rent that you couldn't pay. We have become addicted to the drama of not getting what we want.

For the most part, our efforts to 'sort out' our problems with money only seem to make those problems more sophisticated. I absolutely know that the most successful and dynamic books, courses and seminars about transforming our relationship with money have nothing to do with creating more drama - or even millionaires - and everything to do with helping us remove the fear and then decide how much money we want to manifest. Never assume that other people don't feel as afraid as you ? even millionaires.

Creating money from a real sense of inner strength and wisdom is a gift to the entire world. It cuts through the dark, parallel universe that most people spend their whole lives in. It weakens the structure of the darkness and lets in the light.When we look at life from a greater perspective, we can shift the veil of illusion between us and a far richer reality to discover how the unmanifest becomes the manifest.

It is the process by which the general becomes the particular. It is the flow of infinite possibilities into probability. I'm not talking about a set of techniques to buy and sell property or invest in the stock market. There are many excellent books and courses outlining those principles. What I'm talking about is finally understanding the patterns, which you will need to align yourself with in order to bring about a re-birth. This does not mean discarding your personality or denying anything in your past.

It simply means waking up. It means seeing clearly how you have been blocking your capacity to create something joyful and productive. When you understand how you've been blocking opportunity and abundance you will see how you have blocked everything else.

The parts of you that have held you back will fall away. There is no 'forcing out'. You will simply see how you have allowed your fruit to go unharvested.In this way it is possible to view any problems around money as a unique invitation to become more engaged in life, more intimate and more open to letting go of the need to control everything. As soon as you become aware of any tension around money simply ask, "what is the invitation?" What is this asking you to look at, to explore. Start to open up to the opportunities that problems contain.

Examine what money it telling you until the problem cracks open to reveal its hidden gift. I know this is not easy stuff, but remember that even the smallest insight, the smallest success is a victory for imagination and creativity. And from small beginnings.

.Davide De Angelis has been involved in some of the most thought provoking and creative projects of recent years.

He is a best selling author and an expert on language, communication, personal development and all aspects of graphic design..He has worked extensively with David Bowie and his product development company Isolar, creating a huge range of artistic and commercially led material. Together they have produced award-winning design, multimedia and art..Davide is an NLP Master Practitioner, having studied with its creator Richard Bandler.

He is also an accomplished yoga and meditation teacher.He is the creator of the innovative course Secrets Of The Money Shamans: attracting money and opportunities without fear and struggle.You can get a FREE in-depth report:."7 secrets of attracting money, reducing fear and clearing debts" at

By: Davide De Angelis

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