The working capacity of generic Viagra

Medicine and health related things have gained boom in the market, especially, when it comes to men's inability in performing their sexual activity. There are many medications available in the market to rectify the lack of ability in men. One such medication is Generic Viagra.

The brand name is Viagra referred for sildenafil citrate and is used to treat erectile dysfunction. The lack of erection in men is known as erectile dysfunction which is referred to as male impotence. The generic name of the original brands has flooded the market since many years. The generic version comes in less expensive prices. Generic Viagra is identical to the brand name Viagra and is available at affordable prices. Generic Viagra is advisable to be taken as per the prescription of your doctor.

Generic Viagra works identical to Viagra. During sexual trigger, the nitric oxide is liberated in the spongy tissue of the penis. This nitric oxide activates an enzyme increasing the monophospate production. This substance provides relaxation to the penis and facilitates in the influx of blood.

As and when the enzymes start reducing, the penis loses its capacity to sustain the erection. Viagra works here by holding back the enzymes and sustain the erection. Viagra helps men with erectile dysfunction to act in response to sexual stimulations. Viagra helps men who are sexually excited by filling the penis with adequate blood and cause erection. This blood then once again flows back to the body after the completion of sex. Viagra has proved its efficacy.

As per recent study, the activity of the drug was done and it was found to enhance the sexual functions in more than 90% men. Those taking Viagra have found to feel the firmness, sustaining of erection, frequency, relationship satisfaction and the pleasure of sexual intercourse. Generic Viagra helps in erectile dysfunction, but yet it should not be taken without the consultation of the doctor. Men taking other medicines that contain nitrates should avoid taking generic Viagra. This is restricted as it may drop the blood pressure level and become life threatening.

When men get sexually excited, their penis quickly fills with more blood than other times. The penis then gets expanded and hardens. This stage is called as erection.

After having sex, the surplus blood flows back to the body from the penis and the erection fades away. In case the erection lasts for a longer time say more than 6 hours then it is advisable to consult the doctor. If erection holds for a longer time, it may result in damaging the penis permanently. A prolonged erection needs to be attended immediately. This happens due to the interference of medicines with erection process.

But now very often the problem of erectile dysfunction is experienced by many men. Yet, there is nothing to worry much as medicines like generic Viagra and Viagra have brought a great relief to men. This medicine is capable enough to create erection and has no complications. So this is the choice of many men and one of the popular medicines.

Steven Backer is the author of this article on generic Viagra. Find more information about generic Viagra here.

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