Time How It Changes Everything

The clock ticks non-stop and the time passes by. Time used to pass even when the clocks were not there. What is time and how it affects us in our thoughts, shall we examine? Let us go to our childhood days. We were small kids. We had no worries, no need for inspiration and no goals. Our only goals were to find new ways to play and look at everything curiously.

Everything has changed. Now our perception of life has changed totally. If we are in our youth or middle age, we are worried about many things. We have to plan for money.

We have to set goals and achieve them. We are becoming passionate and frustrated with many things. On and on, we are changing. Why? Time has brought these changes. If you are an old person, go back to your formative years, then to youth, then to middle age and then now and think about how everything is changing. Technology is changing life, but that apart, our own thoughts are changing.

As the outer world is changing, so is the inner world.The playful curiosity of childhood is long lost. The stamina and determination of youth is lost, the worried thinking of middle age is lost and all is replaced for most of the old people by thoughts of only a creaking body. The diary notes are less about attending parties and more about visiting doctors.

The conversations are less about career and more about the joint pains. For a large old population, the body becomes the center. For a lucky few, mind becomes the center. They become very philosophical.Time is a constant that changes constantly.

Nothing can stop it. But with changing times, we change. So the question is- who are we? Because if our body and our thoughts are undergoing changes at every moment, what is the constant in us other than our name? Nothing. This thought can bring a new perspective in our life.

Why have fights, why be intolerant, why carry rigid positions, why worry so much, why suffer over losses and why do all this that we do. After all, time will change everything.When we buy anything new, we care so much for it. We look at that object with love and display it lovingly.

Maybe a new dress or a new car, any such object. Slowly, as time passes, the object gets old and then gets discarded. That is life.

If we keep this perspective in our life at all the times, it will bring a new peace in our mind. Keep a clock screensaver on your desktop or a screensaver on seasons, or one with clouds. These all will always remind us about the change that is taking place with every second. Remembering that thought during all the times can surely bring a sea change in our thoughts forever and that change will be good.


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By: CD Mohatta

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