What Kind Of Hen Night Theme Is Right For You

Every party needs a good theme and the same is true of hen night parties. You can choose any kind of theme but most people like to choose something a little ridiculous and a lot raunchy. These are the most fun to have for your hen night theme. But what kinds of themes are the most fun?.

Celebrity themes are popular all over the world. Everyone loves to gossip about celebrities, just look at how the tabloids sell out at the newsstands. You can have a hen night theme that allows everyone to dress up as their favorite actor, actress or even music star. This is a fun way for you to step into the shoes of someone else for a night. It is also creative you can find your costumes at a costume store, a thrift store or you may even have something laying around that would be perfect.

Be creative and choose accordingly.Another popular theme is the Playboy bunny theme. You can get some cute bunny ears and a tail and hop around all of the hottest clubs and bars and have a ball.

Every girl likes to be a bunny once and awhile but the cat theme is just as popular. It is the same idea but instead of bunny ears and tails you get kitty cat ones. Both are affordable and easy to find, especially if you are planning the party for anytime in October. These are also two of the most common Halloween costumes for women of all ages.Themes are one of the easiest ways to add some life and some spark to any party that you are throwing. When it comes to your hen night theme just take it one step further than that and you will be set.

As long as all of the girls are in costume and the rooms are decorated accordingly you will be able to play at anything that you want to. And if you are planning on painting the town red you should still keep your costumes on all night. This adds a little mischief to the whole night, which makes it fun all on its own!.No matter what hen night theme you choose there are some other things that you need to take into considerations. For instance you need to make sure that all of the girls have at least two disposable cameras each. These cameras are key to making lasting book of memories of this fabulous night and the great hen night theme.

Look at it this way, you are probably going to have a few too many drinks and some of the night may be hazy the next day, that is why it is so cool to have the pictures to take a look at. You may even want to throw a party when the pictures have gotten developed so that you can all go through them and reminisce about how much fun the night was and what a hit the hen night theme was.

.Martin Lucchi is a Web Developer for Eclipse Leisure, a British company that organizes hen weekends, stag nights, Corporate Events and Team Building Activities for the UK and Europe.

By: Martin Lucchi

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