LDS Dating How to Find a Perfect Match - Does it seem that finding the man or woman of your dreams is getting more difficult as the years go by? Perhaps it?s because, as you get older, you are less open to alternative ideas and are limiting your options for meeting new people.

Removing Emotional Blocks To Success - The single biggest impediment to any individual's ability to achieve success in any area of their life is the presence of emotional blocks that prevent them from actualizing their dreams.

Media Lies Embellishment and the Attacks on Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld Lance Rants - You know I have heard just about enough of the attacks being made on Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and the demand by the liberal political power base for his resignation is completely absurd.

Criminal Background Checks A Necessity In Our Society - Everyday the news tells of violence in the workplace and sex offenders on the prowl.

The Unique Invitation Of Money - I never cease to be amazed by the amount of suffering that takes place around money.

Romantic Things to Do for Your Wife on Mothers Day - Romance, love, appreciation, adoration, and Mother?s Day.

Christian Matchmaking - Religion is a very obvious criterion while selecting a match, since two ersons from a similar religious background will share common values and ideals.

Top Barriers to Effective Listening and How to Overcome Them - Effective listening is every bit as important as effective speaking, and generally much more difficult.

A guide to dream interpretation - Most of us dream.

The Murder of Ananias and Sapphira in Acts Promoting Fear When Perfect Love Just Wont Do - Even as a child, the ?Bible Story? of a husband and wife in the early church under Peter being killed for ?lying? about how much money they really had as opposed to what they gave to the church, seemed surreal.

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Safe Shopping

Almost everywhere we shop-from the toy store at the mall to an online linen warehouse-we are asked to provide personal information. Some stores ask for a zip code or phone number at the checkout. Online sites may demand more,

Folks in the country sometimes have more keys than fingers, so this Ekcessories key fob makes a great stocking stuffer. Dividable sections help keep keys separated for ease of use. PRICE: $6; AVAILABLE AT
Do you love the convenience of online shopping but worry about who might be grabbing your credit card information? The truth is, using your credit card anywhere puts you at risk. Anyone who handles your credit information is a potential thief. But the Internet somehow instills greater fear. As we'll see,
Do you derive pleasure from pressing innumerable buttons on your touch-tone keypad just to get an answer to a simple question? How about logging on to a Web site and clicking aimlessly around, deluged with pop-up ads, to learn more about your long-distance account? Do you get a real kick out of being a target of cross-promotion?
Shopping Online Safely, There can be real advantages to shopping online: Prices are sometimes cheaper and product selection greater; it's often easier to find information about a particular product; parking isn't an issue; and the Internet is open 24 hours a day. But online shopping also has inherent risks and disadvantages,