True Test of Civilization What Does It Mean - While signing legislation last week banning nearly all abortions, South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds made a major statement about himself and the Religious Right.

Grooming Tips For A First Date - When you are preparing for a first date, you may think about what you are going to wear and how you will fix your hair and makeup.

South Dakota Abortion Law A Modest Proposal - South Dakota's abortion ruling and positive reactions to it from members on the right such as John McCain pose many questions regarding moral philosophy, logic and law.

Wealth by Chance - My personal travel schedule has been stretched to its limits, with an average of three countries and five events each week.

My Friend My Counselor - It's 3:00 in the morning and I'm still wide awake.

Having Trouble Coming Up With Great Hen Party Ideas - There is nothing more frustrating than trying to plan a great hen night and then running into mental blocks when trying to come up with some fantastic hen party ideas.

Dating on the net most likely seems on its aspect to be considerably safer than traditional - You get going at your own pace and only when you feel well to do.

Dating Online How To Find Out If A Site Is Worth Your Time - Looking for the right dating site? Browse dating sites, and you will not fail to notice just how enticing they can be.

Perseverance is What You Need to Reach Your Goals - Only the Ones who Persist Grab the Greatest Success.

Balancing Good and Bad News from Iraq - What does that mean? Have a suicide bomb clip followed by a new school opening? Sounds good doesn?t it? But what does it really mean? What is fair and balanced in a war? It implies that there is some kind of 50/50 split between the terrible and th.

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Safe Shopping

Almost everywhere we shop-from the toy store at the mall to an online linen warehouse-we are asked to provide personal information. Some stores ask for a zip code or phone number at the checkout. Online sites may demand more,

Folks in the country sometimes have more keys than fingers, so this Ekcessories key fob makes a great stocking stuffer. Dividable sections help keep keys separated for ease of use. PRICE: $6; AVAILABLE AT
Do you love the convenience of online shopping but worry about who might be grabbing your credit card information? The truth is, using your credit card anywhere puts you at risk. Anyone who handles your credit information is a potential thief. But the Internet somehow instills greater fear. As we'll see,
Do you derive pleasure from pressing innumerable buttons on your touch-tone keypad just to get an answer to a simple question? How about logging on to a Web site and clicking aimlessly around, deluged with pop-up ads, to learn more about your long-distance account? Do you get a real kick out of being a target of cross-promotion?
Shopping Online Safely, There can be real advantages to shopping online: Prices are sometimes cheaper and product selection greater; it's often easier to find information about a particular product; parking isn't an issue; and the Internet is open 24 hours a day. But online shopping also has inherent risks and disadvantages,